Video Processor LS-VP1000

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Multiple video interface:                         Input has HDMI,DVI,VGA,2xCVBS,SDI/USB(optional);

                                                                 Output has 2xDVI,VGA;

Seamless witching/Fade-in-fade-out: Pictures from 2 channels can be switched seamless, also can be fade-in-fade-out


Multiple output resolution :                  Many resolution can be selected (Max.2304x1152@60Hz) and user-defined resolution


2.65 million pixels supported:              Maximum height can be 2000 pixels; maximum width can be 3960 pixels

Preset storage and recall:                    can switch to the saved scene quickly

Audio and video synchronous:           Synchronization of audio and video switching

Chroma Key :                                        Cut part image from one video ,then put it on another video, for example image overlapped


Support picture in picture (PIP) :      The size and location of the 2 pictures can be adjustable

Powerful Splicing function :                Perfectly splicing,support Uniform and not uniform splicing, support 10X10 video processors to splicing

User-defined input resolution :          Can perfectly realize the PC to LED screen point to point display

Support project lock settings :          To avoid the wrong operation

Short key settings :                             Black output/Normal output,Freeze, Part/Full Screen

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